Celltop Goes Public

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Celltop Goes Public

I keep thinking that Celltop reminds me of Carrot Top, but I will get over that soon.

Anyway, Alltel Wireless would like us to help choose the next “cell” that might be added to Celltop, their exclusive, patent-pending technology that promises to offer an easier way to access, manage and organize a wide range of information already available on our mobile phones.

(To get more on Alltel and Celltop, click here.)

Don't me shy! Head over to www.mycelltop.com and vote for such potential cells as a digg.com feed, NASCAR, Gmail or horoscope.

Already available for free on select Alltel Wireless handsets (and on all new phones later this year), Celltop features 10 “cells” that come pre-installed and via download. Each cell is a category-specific half screen comprised of graphics and text that provides shortcuts so we can navigate more easily through our data and apps -- such as call log, weather, news, baseball, basketball, football, rodeo, stocks, text messaging inbox and ringtones. (Love that rodeo one!)

Hey, let them know what you want -- maybe the big boys will get the hint, too ...

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