Connecticut bans hand-held cellphones while driving

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Connecticut bans hand-held cellphones while driving

Connecticut is the latest U.S. state to pass legislation banning the use of hand-held devices while driving (headset required) - more than 30 other states have or plan to follow suit. This can certainly boost Bluetooth headset purchases and other wireless headsets for a hands-free cellular experience. Connecticut is also working on legislation to ban driving with handheld coffee mugs, eyeliner pencils, McDonald's paper cups, lipstick, lollipops, or even chewing gum while driving.

According to Connecticut's Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, "We want to ensure that all of Connecticut's citizen's are safe while they drive. It is our duty and obligation. I will be working very closely with law enforcement and car manufacturers to improve car safety." In fact, Connecticut is also considering a law that would require car manufacturers to install sensors in the steering wheels that detects when you are driving with one hand and which will slow the car down to a stop unless you put BOTH hands on the wheel. And an anonymous source told me they're also working on eye/retina sensors that detect when you are spending too much time looking at the radio (switching channels), outside scenery, etc. as well as detecting if your eyes are dilated indicating possible intoxication. Any eye dilation (even if simply dark outside) results in a portable sobriety checker being ejected from the steering wheel to test your BAL. If you are over 0.10 the car's engine shuts off. Don't you just love our Orwellian world? ;)

Note: For those that didn't get my dry sarcasm (there was at least one), none of the above is true, except Connecticut banning hand-held devices to your ear. Thus, Connecticut is not banning lipstick applying, coffee mugs, etc. Nor are they working on a retina scanner or sobriety checker. And the Blumenthal quote was also part of the parody.

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