Lost cell phone? Build your own!

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Lost cell phone? Build your own!

I lost my cell phone in a cab at Internet Telephony Conference and Expo so I've been meaning to "shop around" for a new one. But with some recent home repairs, a baby on the way (plus purchasing all the baby amenities), have to buy an SUV, etc. etc. I've decided I shouldn't blow $700 on a HP iPAQ hw6515 (left image). So I email a fellow gadget freak, Evan Koblentz (owner of a Treo 650), who also happens to run the popular Computer Collector Newsletter (covers the hobby of collecting old computers.) and I say to Evan:

I see promos for free cell phones if you sign up for 2 years.
For instance, this phone: http://www.nokiausa.com/phones/6010

I think I'm going to hold off on getting a Treo or Windows Mobile phone. Need to buy baby stuff.

So any recommendations for a cheap or even free cell phone? I never look at the low-range phones - I like the expensive gadget ones that cost $300-$800. ;)

Never one to be at a loss for sarcasm, he writes back:
Here ya go! http://news.com.com/Build-it-yourself+cell+phones...

I can see in the text of the URL these keywords - "build it yourself cell phones", so already I know what I am in for when I visit the link. The recent CNet article begins:
Surj Patel is building his own cell phone, bit by soldered bit.
It's not easy. It starts with parts that cost around $400. Then Patel and his partner, Deva Seetharam, have to write code to run on the tiny Linux-based computer that he's hoping will serve as the brains of his new phone.
So why bother? After all, it's not like cell phones are hard to find or terribly expensive.
Patel says he has lost patience with even the slimmest Motorolas and most advanced Nokias. <more...>

While a cool concept, I don't think I'm ready to "build my own cell phone". A cool article though! B)

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