QuickOffice Does the Symbian Shuffle

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QuickOffice Does the Symbian Shuffle

For anyone going mobile, the less gadgets the better. (Rather than the more the merrier.)

Why carry a separate cell phone and MP3 player when you can carry a single gadget that does both?

For that matter, why carry a cell phone and a notebook computer when you can carry a single gadget that does both?

(Good questions, aren't they?)

In the mobile documents field, there a couple of choices and Quickoffice recently previewed Quickoffice 4.0 for S60, a major upgrade to its award-winning solution, at the 2006 Symbian Smartphone Show.

Quickoffice provides smartphone users mobile access to Microsoft Office documents, allowing them to open, edit and save documents in their native format.

In case you're wondering about Symbian, Nokia just named Quickoffice the Series 60 "3rd Edition Challenge Winner" in the category of best enterprise applications for the smartphone. This was announced at the Symbian SmartPhone Show.


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