Roadpost Grab and Go Emergency Satellite Phone

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Roadpost Grab and Go Emergency Satellite Phone

Roadpost Grab and Go
Roadpost today announced their Grab and Go Emergency Satellite phone. Roadpost has made emergency portable satellite communications easier with the launch of this “Grab & Go” Emergency kit. The kit includes an Iridium satellite handset, extra batteries and a solar charger bundled in a rugged, waterproof and shockproof carrying case. It was developed in response to growing demand for easy to deploy communications solutions during crisis situations. A portable satellite phone is no longer the staple of Navy SEALs or terrorists like Osama Bin Laden.  Though Osama no longer used his satellite phone once he learned that the NSA/CIA was tracking his satellite phone calls. Wonder if the NY Times tipped him off? They reveal just about every other national security secrets.

"In today’s world, businesses, emergency response personnel and NGO’s are increasingly concerned about maintaining communications during emergencies," said Morris Shawn, President and CEO of Roadpost. "Roadpost’s unique ‘Grab & Go’ approach means that users can easily access portable satellite services with little disruption to business operations. It is ideally suited for organizations operating in high risk areas as a way to ensure easy and rapid deployment of communications, especially when traditional landline and cellular networks are down."

Shawn adds that the Grab & Go Emergency kit is the first in a series of emergency preparedness satellite offerings that Roadpost is developing to meet the needs of organizations in high risk areas. "With our extensive range of service offerings in portable and broadband satellite, as well as international cellular, Roadpost is unique in its ability to deliver end-to-end solutions to suit the diverse communications demands of the marketplace."
The Roadpost Grab & Go Emergency kit includes an Iridium 9505A handset, an extra pre-charged battery, solar charger and laminated instruction card, all in a waterproof and durable neon-coloured pelican carry case. Users can simply grab the case for immediate access to communications services. The Grab & Go Emergency kit can be purchased and used with any Iridium airtime plan, including prepaid services.

Here are the specs I got from Roadpost:
- Battery life on the extra battery if you simply store it on your boat, RV, car.etc. is approximately 3 months.
- Standby Battery life (when installed on phone) is 30 hrs when phone is turned on
- Talk time battery life is 3.2 hrs
- Solar charger - in ideal sun conditions take 3 hrs to charge.

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