enables remote MySpace messages and picture sending

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TellThem .mobi MySpaceMySpace users will find this brand new web-based utility from useful. As MySpacers know, there isn't an easy way to connect to all your MySpace friends when you're on the go away from you PC. With, you can blast out a message to all your friends from your mobile phone. You can even send pictures from a Blackberry device (other mobile phone devices are in the works).

It's useful for quickly organizing a get-together without actually calling each person's phone number (assuming you have it handy in your phone's address book). Even if they are in your address book, actually talking to your friends is so passé.  Another use might simply be that you just saw something really cool and you want to tell everyone about it. You know, your typical important MySpace message like "Did you hear? John just dumped Cindy. Can you believe it?"

How does it work?
Well, all you have to do is point your mobile phone browser to, enter your MySpace email and password, select the friends you want to send a message to, enter your message and/or select a photo, and your message will be sent out.

When asked how this differs from other services, TellThem said, "Well, for one, we don't know any other service which does this right now. If there are at the time you're reading this message then they're probably copycats."

TellThem states that they do NOT store your personal information, so they must simply be acting as a go-between between your mobile phone and your MySpace account.

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