T-Mobile blocks MinuteWatcher from tracking cell minutes

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T-Mobile blocks MinuteWatcher from tracking cell minutes

T-Mobile is blocking MinuteWatcher, a service that lets customers actively monitor their wireless minutes usage. T-Mobile has changed conditions in their policy and taken technical measures to prevent MinuteWatcher from tracking T-Mobile members voluntary tracking of cellphone usage. Specifically, T-Mobile now includes the following text in their Terms of Use: "With respect to your access to the http://my.t-mobile.com site, T-Mobile hereby specifically reserves the right (a) to limit the number of times you may log in to this site within a certain period of time and/or (b) to restrict your use of automated scripts, plug-ins, and/or other third-party devices to obtain information (e.g., unbilled usage data) from this site."

Way to go T-Mobile! Way to piss off your customer base. As if MinuteWatcher was sucking gobs of bandwidth to pull the customer's cellphone usage. I don't think so. The data downloaded was probably less than 2,000 bytes. Even if it was a bit larger, I'm sure T-Mobile has the bandwidth available. This is clearly designed to block customers from knowing exactly how many minutes left they have on their plan before they start incurring expensive overage charges.

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