Toyota's Funny Move onto Mobile Phones

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Toyota's Funny Move onto Mobile Phones

Well why not, you may ask?

Accrding to an article from 2-pop eNews, Toyota will be spending more than $10 million to create and promote a comedy series designed specifically for multimedia mobile phones!

(Yes indeed, that is an "m" as in million -- remember when feature films from major motion picture studios cost that much? Probably not ...)

Designed to push the 2007 Camry, this is claimed to be "the first branded entertainment series created for the video-phone medium."

The series, called "The Pool" debuts today and is accessible to 1 million users of Sprint/Nextel video-enabled phones. Each episode is two-minutes long, and 10 episodes are planned.

In what is also believed to be a first, Toyota is also buying spots on broadcast and cable TV (including Fox, ABC and BET) that showcase the new Camry as well as promote the mobile phone comedy series. The ads and the series share some of the same cast members.

Check it out and let me know it Toyota is spending its money wisely ...

(Let's see $10 million for 10 episodes equals $1 million per episode; each episode is two minutes so the cost is $500,000/minute -- I thought only NBA basketball players worked at that level ...)

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