Tru Rates Now Available in Australia

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Tru Rates Now Available in Australia

Some news I wanted to share from Tru (also known as Truphone)... Tru, (dba Truphone), has expanded its local rates and local number proposition to Australia. Starting today, both business and pre-pay customers of Tru’s GSM service in the UK and US will benefit from paying only local rates instead of roaming rates for all calls and texts to and within Australia, as well as local data rates when roaming within the country.

In an industry first, Tru’s network now offers customers the option to have three local mobile numbers for the UK, US and Australia on one SIM card, allowing friends and business contacts based in those countries to reach them wherever they are without paying the cost of an international call. 

Australia is the third country to be added to Tru’s network, and the company plans to roll out an additional 20 countries by 2012.

Tru Pre-Pay local rates in Australia:

  • Calls within Australia: 25cents/minute versus standard operator rates of $1.69 = savings of 85 percent[1]
  • Calls back home to the US: 17cents/minute mobile or landline = average savings of 90 percent 
  • Data Usage: 10c/MB US versus $15/MB charge with standard operator rates = over 97 percent savings

Tru has also just launched three Inter continental bundles, allowing its post-pay business customers to purchase standard tariffs, including minutes for the UK, US, Europe and now Australia. For more information please visit

Geraldine Wilson, CEO of Tru, said: “Nearly three quarters of businesses are telling us that they feel roaming charges are unaffordable, and many consumers are telling us that they switch off their phones altogether to avoid getting stung by their operator when they’re abroad. Tru provides the perfect solution. We only charge local rates for incoming and outgoing calls, and data when roaming - without any complex call back system or change to user behaviour. Starting today, customers can make calls in and between Australia, the UK and the US, with average savings of up to 75 percent.”

The service solves the pressure felt by 68 percent of UK business travellers and 78 percent of US business travellers to use their mobile phone less when abroad due to the high cost of both outgoing and incoming calls and data, according to a recent survey by Vanson Bourne for Tru. 

With nearly half of employees surveyed in the UK and even more in the US having lost business through not being able to stay in touch with colleagues or clients, Tru For You significantly eases the pain of international roaming charges.

Tru offers customers four key benefits:

  • Local voice, text and data rates in all Tru countries (currently Australia, the UK and the US)
  • Local numbers in the three countries all on one SIM: so colleagues, customers, friends and family in those countries can reach you wherever you are without paying the cost of an international call
  • Incoming calls at local prices in all Tru countries
  • Low-cost international calls from Tru countries, and great roaming rates in over 220 countries: offering savings of more than 50 percent over standard mobile operator charges

For those countries where Tru does not have operator agreements, Tru offers competitive roaming charges.

Tru is provided by global mobile network operator Truphone (, which recently unveiled a new look and feel led by a website re-design and updated branding.

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