Walk this way, talk this way

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Walk this way, talk this way

A new technology developed by VTT, Technical Research Centre of Finland can judge your walking gait and prevent a cellphone thief from making a phone call on your mobile phone. Walk this way, else you won't talk this way...

This feature prevents unauthorised use of other portable devices such as laptops or PDAs.

According to Reuters, a device is equipped with sensors that measure certain characteristics of the user's gait. When the device is used for the first time, these measurements are saved in its memory. In normal use the device continuously measures the user's gait and compares these measurements with the values in its memory. If they are sufficiently identical, the device identifies and approves the user. If the values differ, standard password-based identification is available.

No word on whether the device will support multiple profiles, considering most teenagers walk one way in front of their parents and another way in front of their friends.

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