Cellfan.com Makes It Easy to Get Personal

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Cellfan.com Makes It Easy to Get Personal

Skins, skins, skins – can you ever have enough of them?  Cellfan.com is an online treasure trove – with vinyl skins featuring leading brands for more than 500 consumer electronic devices.  Cellfan.com makes it easy way to personalize you favorite devices with vinyl skins, including mobile phones, iPods, PDAs and gaming devices.

Mobile device owners can choose a skin reflecting sports leagues or players (NBA, Wayne Gretzky), college logos, Greek letters, movie or music brands (Rolling Stones, Elvis Presley), comic characters or fashion style. The skin itself is made from a professional-grade vinyl, which is printed via a proprietary process that ensures detailed and premium images. The skin is then coated with a glossy finish and custom cut, which creates a perfect fit for each device.

Each Cellfan.com skin is easy to apply, will not void a device warranty and has a protective element to provide another layer of safety from scratches and other damage. The skin can be easily removed, allowing users to personalize their devices as often as they choose without damaging the device.

How about Elvis for your iPod Nano?

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