Hey Why Not? Amazon To Enter Music Download Biz

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Hey Why Not? Amazon To Enter Music Download Biz

And why not indeed!

According to reports, shopping mogul Amazon is planning to launch its own music download store a la iTunes in the first quarter of next year.

And why not indeed!

Record labels aren't all too thrilled about iTunes cornering the music download market and consumers aren't all to thrilled about not having enough choices for where they can download music legally.

(Illegally is another matter ...)

Coolness is that Amazon will reportedly embracing the MP3 file format, completely avoiding all player compatibility issues. It would be very nice if they sold the only format that plays on all portable devices, including the iPod.

Coolness factor #2 -- pricing will reportedly be variable; in other words, not just the usually 99 cents per tune that everybody seems to think is so great.

Now let's see what this looks like when they launch it ...

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