I Can Hear Clearly Now: HD Radio Rebates

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I Can Hear Clearly Now: HD Radio Rebates

It would be really great to be able to sit in the car and hear great, high-quality, static-free radio.

Well, those (don't have to be a subscriber) days are coming clsoer and closer.

In a play to make HD radios more affordable, including tabletops and car adapters, iBiquity is discounting models by up to $50, lowering the costs of some receivers to less than $200.

(iBiquity Digital is the developer and licenser of HD Radio technology.)

The "Holiday Rebate Program" was was just  launched and will continue through January 14, 2007.

What's it all about? Be the first to get a HD radio today and see!:

  • Get FM-quality sound on your AM dial
  • Get CD-quality sound on your FM dial
  • Discover new stations between known frequencies
  • Get more of your favorite local programming
  • Enjoy info on your dial, such as traffic data and stock info

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