Monster iCarPlay Wireless 200 -- Yes, Indeed!

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Monster iCarPlay Wireless 200 -- Yes, Indeed!

Stop fumbling with CDs or going without your favorite tunes, and start playing your iPod wirelessly through your car's FM radio. Monster iCarPlay Wireless 200 lets you enjoy all your music and keep your iPod charged up at the same time.

With other FM transmitters, finding an FM frequency clear enough for use with your iPod can be time consuming and distracting -- especially while driving.

The 200 incorporates exclusive Monster AutoScan technology that automatically seeks out and tunes in the clearest FM frequency available (excluding 87.7 and 87.9MHz). Now you can find the best station to enjoy your tunes with one touch of a button. In addition, iCarPlay clearly displays all essential information on your iPod's screen and features easy three-button control to directly access features and settings. And the handy instruction card that's attached to the cord is a great idea!

For added flexibility and convenience, Smart Digital Charger technology rapidly charges your iPod. It makes it easy to enjoy the music on your iPod in your car, no matter where you're traveling.

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