Muxtape Back with Indie Focus

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Muxtape Back with Indie Focus

muxtape.jpg has changed its tune.

A month after the NYC-based music site was shut down by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for copyright infringement, founder Justin Ouellette announced that it will re-launch with a new focus.

The six-month-old site had allowed users to create playlists or mixtapes of up to 12 songs and share the lists with friends. According to a message on the Muxtape home page, the site will now become a service for bands to promote their music on the Web.

The revamped Muxtape will join a long list of Web firms like Nabbr, TuneCore and Music Nation, which are trying to cash in on helping aspiring artists disseminate their music online without signing up with a label. It will have a difficult time distinguishing itself from its competitors, industry observers say. 

More at Crain's New York.

Here's how the RIAA views it.

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