AT&T to Lay Off 1.5% of Workforce

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AT&T to Lay Off 1.5% of Workforce

AT&TAT&T announced today that it'll be cutting about 1.5 percent of its workforce. The company calls it the "next step in streamlining its operations." AT&T had about 310,000 employees at the end of 2007, meaning the layoffs would affect about 4,650 workers. The layoffs mean a one time charge of about $374 million in Q1.

Guess their triple play U-verse isn't growing as fast as they would like. Well, if they came to my neighborhood like they promised they would last year, I'd sign-up to be a customer. Assuming of course they solved the exploding batteries problem. I don't need AT&T burning down my neighborhood. I like my house thank you very much.

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