GlobalComm Party like it's 1999

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GlobalComm Party like it's 1999

TMC is hosting a party at GlobalComm, the third such party hosted by TMC at GlobalComm (formerly Supercomm). According to Rich Tehrani, "it will now be an IMS party co-sponsored by the IMS Forum –formerly the IPCC. It will also be sponsored by TMC's new IMS Magazine and IMS Expo. The entire IMS market will be represented." I'm sure lots of VoIP players will be attending, so will be a great chance to meet important people in the industry in an informal setting.

Alas, I won't be there, but I'm not important in the VoIP industry anyway, right?

The party is tonight, so this is a bit of last minute notice. I just hope the party and the GlobalComm show isn't like 1999. Wasn't the start of the telecom sector crash?

But feel free to crash the party. Actually, I think you have to RSVP here.

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