IPNetworked added to Gigaom blog family

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IPNetworked added to Gigaom blog family

Om Malik has added a new blog to his portfolio called IPNetworked. According to Om, "IPNetworked is a blog that will exclusively track the telecom carriers, cable companies, Internet service providers, Web hosting services, and the data centers. Speed changes, legislative matters, price cuts, and IPTV – it will cover a wide gamut of topics."

Russell Shaw will be one of the writers on this new blog. Congrats Russell on the new writing diggs after leaving VON Magazine. Om is certainly one of the leading bloggers in Web 2.0, VoIP, and general Internet news, so Russell will be in good company working for Om.

Russell also writes for the IP Telephony blog for ZDNet, the BBHub BlackBerry blog for Weblogs, Inc., and a blog about enterprise hardware for AllBusiness.com. He also writes a non-technical political blog.

Russell Shaw will also be joining TMC's list of esteemed bloggers very shortly & focused on telecom regulations. It wouldn't only cover telecom, but also the broader communications sphere as relates to technology regulations. Scope would include most of what the FCC concerns itself with. It's destination will be http://blog.tmcnet.com/regulations/ but it isn't live yet. Boy, Russell is becoming one of the most prolific and best mercenary bloggers around!

We'll be glad to have Russell on our team very shortly. It should go live in a few days.

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