New rootkit virus installs BitTorrent client to download movies

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New rootkit virus installs BitTorrent client to download movies

A new rootkit installs the P2P BitTorrent client and downloads movies to your hard drive. One of the initial movies downloaded via this new virus included Mr. Bean, which tops my "All-time Worst Movie ever Created" list. I hate Mr. Bean - with a passion. To this day I have not forgotten that my former roommate Harris Sugarman suggested to me and Vic Batsu that we see this movie. "It's funny," Harris promised, "It earned over $100 million in the U.K." What were the British thinking when they said "Mr. Bean Set for Global Domination" and that Mr. Bean would even top British comic Benny Hill? Benny Hill was a funny British comedian - Mr. Bean sadly is not. Maybe it's a cultural difference between America and the U.K. because when Vic, Harris, and I left the theater there was this eerie silence as both Vic and I stared Harris down - as if to say "What the f- were you thinking?" Needless to say none of us enjoyed the movie.

Seriously, I'd rather hear nails on a chalkboard, I'd rather see the Red Sox defeat my beloved New York Yankees, I'd rather watch Barney the Dinosaur than have to see one of Mr. Bean's movies ever again! I lost 90 minutes of my lifetime watching this horrendous movie that I will never get back again. Thanks again Harris. :@

Why? Why? Why would you waste precious Internet bandwidth surreptitiously transmitting Mr. Bean to someone else's hard drive? Why not at least put something worth watching, like Batman Begins or Lord of the Rings on their hard disk? Seriously. Wasting 4GB of hard disk space to store DVD quality Mr. Bean is just adding insult to injury after you've already infected their PC with a rootkit. Cruel... Very cruel...

But if you absolutely insist on liking Mr. Bean, check out Amazon's Mr. Bean collection

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