No more Phone Pretexting!

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No more Phone Pretexting!

Due to a new FCC regulation requirement, you won't be able to perform pretexting (pretend to be someone else) to gain access to Paris Hilton's phone or other celebs for that matter. Damn, just when I was having fun too! Not to mention the whole HP pretexting debacle.

In any event, the FCC recently issued a new Customer Proprietary Network Information (or “CPNI”) order back in April that is intended to safeguard your calling records and/or billing information from unauthorized third parties who might try to acquire this information by impersonating customers, i.e. 'pretexting". The new regulation requires the use of a "pass phrase" and not simply name and phone number, which are often known by pretexters.

In fact, today Packet8 emailed me stating that beginning December 8, 2007, they will be requesting an authentication “Pass Phrase” from their customers when they contact their support team by phone or e-mail and request any of this proprietary network information.

In order to gain access to your Packet8 Call Log, Call Detail Records (CDR), and/or Billing Information, or changes to the email address, you will need to provide your Pass Phrase before they will be authorized to access these items.

Other VoIP players better get on-board as well. According to this FCC webpage, the FCC recently proposed $100,000 fines on telephone companies with inadequate certifications regarding compliance with FCC rules protecting customer information from disclosure. Ouch! Well, if my warning gave any VoIP service provider a heads-up on this massive fine resulting in instituting the new CPNI regulation, you can just cut me a 'thank you' check for $5000.

(I am kidding...)

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