Power Outage at Disney World

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Power Outage at Disney World

EpcotSurely Disney World would never experience a power outage, right? After all, Disney World rakes in millions of dollars each year from tourists. That includes thousands of dollars from my family visits to Disney World. Not to mention they are in Hurricane Valley, so surely their CTO and electrical engineers have backup power systems in place with tons of redundancy, right? Wrong!

According to the Orlando Sentinel, "A circuit breaker tripped at Disney's Epcot Center this morning, causing parts of the park to lose power and some rides to close down temporarily."

The article goes on to explain that a breaker tripped causing the entire park to "experience a sudden change in voltage, much like when lights flicker during a thunderstorm", according to Disney spokesperson Kim Prunty.

Apparently, it started at 11:30am and most attractions were up and running at this by 2 p.m. Egads! An hour and a half outage? That's like what, how many rides missed? Oh about 1 turn at Test Track, a notoriously long line.

Disney doesn't know what caused the breaker to trip. That makes you feel confident, doesn't it? According to the article, the power outage was limited to parts of Future World and the main entrance, but several rides stopped because of the power surge and had to go through a restarting process.

I'm headed back to Disney World May 29th. Can't wait to go! Gotta catch up with my old pal Goofy... Maybe he tripped the circuit breaker. He's always tripping up on things.
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