Undetectable Speed Detector

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Undetectable Speed Detector

Scientists have invented an undetectable speed detector based on military technology which is used to create a visually based speed measurement device.

University of Florida researchers believe they have rendered makers of radar detectors and other speed detection countermeasures useless. Using a $5 million grant from the Air Force, they've developed software that can use live video camera footage to recognize objects and measure their speed. It does so by using a very common principle, i.e. the Distance = Rate X Time formula or in this case Rate = Distance/Time formula. It calculating the distance a car moves in a series of photos compared to a fixed object in the background. Because the system is passive, unlike conventional laser and radar speed guns, it cannot be detected.

"If it can view the object moving, that's all it needs. The computer figures out everything else," said Warren Dixon, University of Florida assistant professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering. "We're trying to use both regular and infrared cameras, so night or adverse weather conditions don't present a problem."

Now isn't technology just grand? As if police officers don't catch enough speeders now they're going to waste the money collected from past tickets to purchase these new-fandangled "camera speed detectors"? We all know tickets are a "money-game" to fill each town's coffers and the existing radar/laser guns do just fine. It's not like there is a shortage of speeders on the road, so why spend millions to catch people with radar/laser detectors? Do cops really hate rader/laser detectors that much? Most officers nowadays use "instant on" so they catch plenty of people using radar detectors. Maybe instead of investing in cameras to catch speeders with radar detectors police departments should invest in technology that catches criminals.

It may just be time to move to Germany where I can freely cruise the Autobahn without fear of driving 15mph over a posted 55mph speed limit at 2am with no one on else on the road. I've yet to see any statistics that prove driving 70mph causes more accidents. In fact, the Autobahn which has super high-speed drivers (>95mph) has a better safety record than U.S. highways.

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