New Packet8 videophone coming

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New Packet8 videophone coming

Sources at Internet Telephony Conference & Expo tell me that a new $150 Packet8 videophone will be launched at CES. I really liked the original Packet8 VideoPhone, which I reviewed here. The original Packet8 Videophone retailed for $299, so Packet8 is certainly bringing the pricepoint of videphones down with their pending $150 videophone. Though my guess is that the videophone is subsidized by requiring customers to sign up for a minimum 1-year contract or more. Of course, most VoIP service providers have a minimum year requirement with an early termination fee anyway.

Here's the old videophone which while cool, was a bit bulky. The new videophone is much sleeker and sexier than the older model depicted below.

Packet8 VideoPhone

I only hope that this new videophone interoperates with other videophones from other VoIP service providers thus ending the Videophone War, as I like to call it. I heard the new videophone just like the prior model will support the H.263 video standard which provides for excellent video quality. Packet8 is exhibiting at ITEXPO, so I'm going to swing by their booth and see if they'll agree to provide me an exclusive photo and perhaps a review unit. Stay tuned!

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