Biggest Loser Week 4

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Biggest Loser Week 4

Continuing my updates for my local gym's The Biggest Loser competition, here's Week #4.

Week 1 (Jan 14th) - weighed in at 198lbs (original weight)
Week 2 (Jan 21st) - weighed in at 189lbs (-9 lbs) 9lbs lost in 1 week - Woohoo!
Week 3 (Jan 28th) - weighted in at 189lbs (0 change) - I was extremely sick 5 days before and was attending ITEXPO, so didn't get a chance to workout. I'm expecting at least a 4lb loss this week. Wish me luck!
Week 4 (Feb 4th) - weighed in at 186lbs (-3 lbs) I was off by 1lb in my expectation. I shouldn't have skipped my Sunday workout but had things to do around the house.

I really should have taken some "before" photos. Shirt on of course... this is a G-rated site after all. Though looking at me I certainly don't look overweight, except my stomach where I carry most of my fat. So not sure how much difference a Before & After photo would make unless I went shirtless.

Anyway, I'm predicting a 2-3lb loss this week. Anything more is gravy.

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