Hacked Megan Lyn Keating's Professional Hospital photo

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Hacked Megan Lyn Keating's Professional Hospital photo

I went to Danbury Hospital's website to look at the "professional" photo taken by the hospital staff and uploaded to a website called GrowingFamily.com. My wife and I haven't yet decided whether or not to use the "professional" photo for the baby announcements, nor have we decided if we are going to order a set of baby pictures from their website. Regardless, I wanted to save a digital copy of this photo to my own PC. When I clicked on the thumbnail image on GrowingFamily.com to enlarge it, I received a popup window with the image. I then tried to do a right-click, Properties to figure out the image file location. But when I right-clicked, a popup said "Please Contact Growing Family at 1-800-325-3550 if you would like to purchase a First Foto Package". The image isn't even high-res enough for printing it myself - it's only 316x474 so I'm not sure why they're preventing parents from downloading a fairly low-res digital photo.

So I had two options - go to my browser's cache and look for the most recent .jpg file or go to my History folder and view the last web page visited. I went to my History and noticing it was an .asp file with a simple parameter, i.e. babypicture.asp?path=/images/customers/1365/ 2006/04/2A0T0C7B9H_1lg.jpg

So I simply copied /images/customers/1365/ 2006/04/2A0T0C7B9H_1lg.jpg appended it to http://www.growingfamily.com/ and voila! I could now save the photo locally. A simple hack for sure.

Anyway, here's the professional photo. Notice the pouty lips and the hand under the chin? Looks like an actress or diva-in-training to me. ;)

Megan Keating - Actress-in-Training

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