Nero, Microsoft, Linksys - what a busy day!

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Nero, Microsoft, Linksys - what a busy day!

Yesterday, was an extemely busy day for me as I had conference calls with both Microsoft and Linksys. Two huge big shots in the computing and networking worlds. I also an in-person meeting with one of my favorite software applications of all time, namely the good folks from Nero, who develop the popular Nero 7 Ultra Edition CD/DVD-burning software application.

Nero stopped by TMC to talk about their VoIP softphone application called SIPPS Connect. As far as I know, I was the first to discover Nero was offering a VoIP softphone application when I wrote about Nero back in October 2004. I also had a phone briefing with Pangean Technology, to try and solve some multicast issues I was having with their VoIP IM application that I am currently testing & reviewing. I also acquired a quote from Cisco (who owns Linksys) to use in the Microsoft and Cisco ICE announcment exclusive that Robert Liu and myself wrote yesterday.

So between meetings/phone briefings with Microsoft, Cisco, Linksys, Nero, and Pangean, yesterday was quite the busy day. Oh, and I forgot to mention I streamed and listened to an important video/audio broadcast from Congress. It was a staff discussion on draft of legislation to create a
statutory framework for Internet Protocol and Broadband Services. I actually have an MP3 recording of the hearing I'm going to post in just a sec. On top of it all, yesterday was my 35th birthday. Good thing I didn't decide to take the day off for my birthday! I also have another very interesting exclusive on a new VoIP product line from a major VoIP player that I was briefed on yesterday, but I can't talk about it yet. I'm working on that article as we speak, so stay tuned...

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