Planets align tonight

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Planets align tonight

I saw an article with a cool astrological chart displaying a few heavenly bodies in close proximity (conjunction) with one another. Specifically, Jupiter, Venus, and the moon will align.

Now for a brief astronomy lesson culled from Google searches and my prophetic analysis:

Jupiter - symbolizes power, expansion, kings, increase, preservation.

Venus - symbolizes the feminine - the power of love, relating and consensus; the principles of diplomacy.

Moon - symbolizes the changing of tides and our emotions. Actually, the #1 Google search result for "moon symbolizes" talks about how Islam is "symbolized by the moon".

So I will be on my astrologer cap now and interpret these "signs" to mean one of the following possibile prophecies:

1) Islamic terrorists (Moon) in Iraq will put on their peace caps (Venus) and see that the only true way to gain power (Jupiter) is to participate in the Iraqi democracy and stop blowing up innocent Iraqi civilians.

Analysis: Not likely, but it would be great if this were indeed true.

2) Anti-war peace activists (Venus), including Cindy Sheehan, will have a change of heart (Moon) and see that their leader (Jupiter), President Bush was absolutely right to deal with Islamic (Moon) terrorists in Iraq instead of here at home.

Analysis: Not in this lifetime. I won't debate the merits of the Iraq war, intelligence failures by several intelligence agencies that said Saddam had WMDs, etc. Suffice to say those that were against the war to begin with will never change their minds. (ditto for those that supported the war to begin with)

3) This astrology stuff is all hogwash. I'm wasting my time blogging this, I'm wasting your time reading this, and I'll probably burn in Hell for preaching about something that is frowned upon in the Bible. Well, at least you know about the cool planetary conjunction tonight! ;)

Hope God has a sense of humor, this blog post was in jest ya know. You know I was only kidding, right God?

Anyway, see the astronomical chart below.


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