Terrorist hunting dolphins on the loose

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Terrorist hunting dolphins on the loose

Apparently, 36 dolphins trained in anti-terrorism and trained to shoot special toxic darts at divers were carried away into the Gulf of Mexico from Hurricane Katrina. Although I'm sure many disgruntled Americans at the cost of gasoline and oil would love to see the oil companies shot for price gouging, I just hope any damaged off-short oil platforms don't require any divers to go down to repair them.

Maybe the CEOs of Mobile/Exxon, Chevron, or other oil CEOs should volunteer to dive along with the dive repair teams as an act of good faith that they are willing to risk their lives with their employees - as well as a symbolic charitable gesture since they have profited immensely from the hurricanes. That's a much better charitable offering than if the oil companies offer to give billions of dollars to hurricane relief funds, don't you think?

From the Guardian Unlimited:

It may be the oddest tale to emerge from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Armed dolphins, trained by the US military to shoot terrorists and pinpoint spies underwater, may be missing in the Gulf of Mexico...

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