Used Jeep Grand Cherokee

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Used Jeep Grand Cherokee

This past weekend my wife and I picked up a used (2000) Jeep Grand Cherokee. We hadn't planned on buying a Jeep for at least a couple months, however when our Ford Taurus was side-swiped smashing in both passenger doors and my 3000GT's clutch died in the same week, our plans changed. The ironic thing is that we planned on trading in the 1999 Ford Taurus until we learned it was probably worth only $500 due to its 150,000 miles. While I am never a fan of getting into an accident, "Providence" must have been on our side since the car that side swiped the Taurus was at fault resulting in $2700 in damage to the Taurus. His auto insurance cut us a check and we decided we were better off using the money to buy a Jeep rather than repair the Taurus.

So we did some car shopping last week via and narrowed it down to 8 Jeep Grand Cherokees, 4 of which we visited in person and then whittled it down to two Jeeps. One was a 2001 red Grand Cherokee Laredo and the other a 2000 grey Grand Cherokee Laredo depicted in the photo above. If we went with the red one, we'd have three red vehicles in the family - Viper, 3000GT, and a Jeep Grand Cherokee. I was rooting for the red one, but it has 9000 more miles and cloth seats. The grey one is fairly unique in that it has a leather interior. Most Laredos do not have leather and as such you have to go with the more expensive Limited V8 edition to get leather. The red one was a year newer, but the fact that we have two labradors that shed hair and leather is much easier to clean than dog hair sticking to cloth was the main deciding factor.

So on Saturday we went to go look at the grey Jeep and to negotiate price. I whittled him down from $11,495 to $10,700. He didn't take personal checks and it was past 3:30pm so our bank was closed. I decided to call my credit union and finance the car. Unfortunately, the credit union closed in about 30 minutes and we were about 35 minutes away and I didn't know how to get there. Fortunately, my wife decided to splurge this Christmas and got me a Garmin StreetPilot 2720 (retail $699.99) to replace my broken PocketPC GPS. We were able to fly from Naugutuck to North Haven on back roads were weren't familiar with, sign the loan paperwork, pick up the check, and return to the used dealership in no time. We would have had to return another day to pick up the Jeep, so the GPS certainly paid dividends already and so did the Jeep's 4X4 transmission since it snowed twice since we got it.

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