Wall Street Journal - Don't Pass the Electronic Newspaper

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Wall Street Journal - Don't Pass the Electronic Newspaper

According to Instapundit, you can no longer "share" your online Wall Street Journal subscription with your coworkers, friends, and family. They detect concurrent logons and block them.

So WSJ, what are you trying to say? Does this also mean I can't hand out my WSJ newspaper to my co-workers? Are you going to prevent "pass around copies" of your newspaper too? Do you realize your circulation numbers are much higher due to copies passed around (known as "pass along" in the publishing world)? Therefore, you can charge more money to your advertisers.

So why not simply detect the concurrent logons and count each concurrent logon as a "unique" subscriber, which will "boost" your online circ numbers. Then the WSJ can charge your advertisers more money, thus making you happy, and you can allow the "tradition" of sharing an electronic form of a newspaper with people you know.

You can even limit it to 5-10 concurrent logons or something to prevent people from just posting their ID and password on the web.

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