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Reviews gets into blog search

June 5, 2006 introduced Blog & Feed Search, a new web search designed for searching blog posts, finding feeds and news published to the "blogosphere," while leveraging search technology and subscription data. I did a search on "voip blog" as well as "gadget blog" and this blog was listed as the #1 RSS feed. Sweet!

I can also see my blog posts from within When I roll the binoculars icon over one of the search results I can see a preview of the site without leaving the page.

Office 2007: Some Hands-On Comments

June 2, 2006

Happened to have the opportunity to get a firsthand preview of Microsoft Office 2007 -- and while I didn't get to see everything under the hood, there were a number of very useful redesigns, tweaks and improvements to Microsoft Word and Excel (didn't get to see much about Outlook and PowerPoint).

Much ado on the Microsoft site about the new Office user interface -- "The Ribbon" (below). 

And it does work better for me once you begin the get the hang of it.


ShoreTel 6.1 new IP-PBX features

May 15, 2006

ShoreTel announced version 6.1 of their IP-PBX which delivers feature-rich IP key system functionality to branch offices and small businesses. Many competing IP-PBXs, Cisco included have neglected or have limited "key system" functionality in their IP-PBX line, which is why ShoreTel does well in the retail and service industries. Also very unique to the ShoreTel product is that it's a single product that targets small businesses all the way up to large businesses with 10,000 employees. Competing solutions have separate products often with separate development divisions and code that is not easily integrated and a migration path that requires a forklift upgrade.

Palm Treo 700p review

May 14, 2006

Palm's Treo 700p, the heavily anticipated successor to the popular Palm Treo 650, launched on Monday. Speculation and rumors has surrounded the Palm Treo 700p as far as which features it would and would not support. For instance, speculation was running rampant as far as whether Sprint or Verizon would be the exclusive carrier or if both would support it. Let me put one bit of speculation to rest - both Sprint and Verizon will carry the Treo 700p.

Fonality, an Asterisk solution passes 20 million calls

May 14, 2006

Some great news from Fonality, an Asterisk-based IP-PBX that earned a very positive review by TMC Labs in the April issue of Internet Telephony Magazine. Last time I checked, they were at 4 million calls last July. Some nice growth there Fonality! Congratulations!

Fonality, the leader in affordable, enterprise-class IP-PBX phone systems for small and medium businesses and the world’s largest distributed deployment of Asterisk™, today announced that users of PBXtra have placed 20 million calls since the product first became available in October 2004.

Pangean Delivers VoWiFi Push-to-Talk Solution for mobile phones and PDAs

May 10, 2006

Pangean Technologies, a company that makes P2P VoIP software based on the SIP protocol, has announced a new product called Y-Talk. I should mention that I reviewed Pangean's VoIP software in Internet Telephony Magazine as well as in my blog and was impressed with its use of SIP along with multicast technology to broadcast voice over an entire network to multiple endpoints. Y-Talk is based on the same insta-REACT! technology that earned a favorable review from me.

Y-Talk is Pangean's VoIP mobility solution for internal instant communications. It is expected to be officially released at the end of June 2006.

Uniden UIP1869V Vonage phone review

May 8, 2006

Ratings Score Installation Documentation Features Usability Performance Overall

Uniden UIP1869V Box shot

Uniden Firewall Web interface

Uniden came across my rant on my Vonage hang-up fast-busy problem and they noticed I was using a Uniden 5.8GHz TRU8885-2 phone system. They offered to send me a Uniden UIP1869V which is nearly identical in functionality to the TRU8885-2 with the added bonus that it comes preloaded with support for Vonage. They also sent me a Uniden UIP160P Packet8 Compatible 5.8GHz phone system which I will review at a later date.

I actually almost purchased the Vonage-enabled UIP1869V but the base station on the UIP1869V is corded - not cordless and I prefer cordless phones for all of my phones. Of course, both the TRU8885-2 and the UIP1869V both support up to 10 handsets, so I could have chosen the UIP1869V and simply purchased an extra handset.

In any event, let me tell ya, the Uniden UIP1869V isn't your momma's home phone system!

eBay Global Strategy with Paypal and Skype

May 5, 2006

Yesterday eBay detailed what was talked about at their annual financial analyst conference in San Jose. A lot of what was detailed is stuff we already know. Skype passed 100 million users, Paypal is integrated with eBay, blah blah blah. They talk about the synergies between the three (eBay, Paypal, Skype), but to me Skype is still the odd man out right now. I still can't go to eBay, look up an auction listing and see the seller's Skype status to initiate a call to the seller.

Sure, eBay is in the early stages of this.

Skype 2.5 launches

May 3, 2006

Today Skype released Skype 2.5 beta. This new version will also preview a new product called Skypecasts – live, moderated conversations (e.g. a town hall or live broadcast) allowing groups of up to 100 people from anywhere in the world to talk to one another for free. Skypecasts enable people to discuss shared interests such as cars, reality TV, sports, etc.

Microsoft Speech Server 2007 preview

April 5, 2006

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