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Actiontec's Skype Enabled Internet Phone Wizard

February 15, 2005

Looks like Actiontec's long-awaited Skype Internet Phone Wizard">Skype-enabled Internet Phone Wizard is available. I literally just received this email:

Actiontec Electronics introduces the Internet Phone Wizard, a small hardware device that enables consumers to make and receive free or low-cost Internet phone calls from a regular phone using Skype Technologies’ Internet calling service. It is the first solution that allows the same phone to be used for both regular and Internet calls, avoiding the complications of needing separate handsets for each. Please let me know if you would like more information or would like a unit for review.

The email says "Actiontec Electronics introduces the Internet Phone Wizard", but I believe this product was announced last month.

Switchvox IP-PBX

January 28, 2005

Switchvox Admin

Now I'm up to 3 new IP-PBXs I never heard of that I discovered in just one day! I hope this is the last IP-PBX I hadn't heard of this week. Feels like my IP-PBX knowledge and "VoIP IQ" is going down by the second!

I just got this email an hour ago from Joshua Stephens, the CEO of Switchvox where he mentions that he has a pre-installed, easy-to-use "plug and play" IP-PBX based on Asterisk.

Google VoIP Part4

January 25, 2005

While Google continues to deny entering the VoIP space, the buzz around the Net about the possibility of Google getting into the VoIP space reached a furvor pitch. With Google's repeated denials, the speculative fire began to die down towards the end of the day. Well, it's time for me to stoke those fires again! A visitor to my blog posted an interesting comment that raises some interesting possibilities about Google and VoIP.

He/she wrote (email was gender neutral):

Interestingly, Google in Germany already offers the opportunity to enter phone numbers into its search box.

Triple Play

January 18, 2005

Triple Play Cover Story Preview! I promised in my blog a preview of Pannaway's Service Convergence Network (SCN), a Triple Play solution which is the next cover story for Internet Telephony Magazine. So here it is... You should also read my Cablevision Price Drop Analysis blog entry which puts Triple Play bundling and pricing in perspective. I also made predictions that Triple Play would take off in 2005 you should also check out.

Alias and Packet8 Videophone

January 18, 2005


Fans of Alias will enjoy this news release from Packet8. Apparently, the popular Alias TV show is utilizing the Packet8 Videophone. In addition to Alias, the Packet8 Videophone has also been incorporated in episodes of 24 -- The Series, King of Queens, Law & Order SVU, Will & Grace, Stargate Atlantis, Medical Investigation, Eyes, Entourage and Navy NCIS. You can check out my review of the Packet8 Videophone from awhile back. Passes 200,000 Subscribers

January 12, 2005 sent me a package today containing a letter that states, "It took
four and a half years to reach 100,000 subscribers. Just 16 months later,
we are proud to tell you that we have surpassed 200,000 subscribers."


They informed me in the letter that their subscriber numbers and financial results are scheduled for February 17th. If I remember, I'll try and post the numbers here in my blog.

3Com and CrystalVoice

January 11, 2005

Just a quick release to share regarding 3Com & CrystalVoice. By the way, is it me, or does 3Com seem quiet these days in the VoIP space? They have a great SMB IP-PBX, but I don't seem to hear much from them whether its new releases or asking me for a TMC Labs review within Internet Telephony. Now that I say that, I'll probably receive a phone call in the next 5 minutes...

Media Center Communicator

January 7, 2005

Captain Kirk - "Retrieve all my email. And oh yeah, beam me up Scotty!"

Most of us have seen at least one Star Trek episode. Then as you already know, Captain Kirk was able to talk into a communicator to have Scotty beam him up to the Enterprise. Star Trek the Next Generation had an advanced speech recognition system that let the Captain Picard simply press his communicator badge to ask the computer to do something.

VoIP History

January 3, 2005

CTI Magazine cover

I often get asked "When did VoIP begin?" or "What is the history of VoIP?". Well, VoIP goes further back in time than most would expect - 9 years in fact. In fact, I did the first product review of a VoIP product back in 1996 within CTI Magazine (which later became Communication Solutions Magazine). CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) Magazine was at the forefront of news, articles, and reviews of anything to do with computers and telecom (or telephony if you prefer).

2005 VoIP Predictions

December 22, 2004

I've been thinking about making predictions for 2005 for some time now. I had a few ideas jotted down back in November but just never got around to compiling everything together and then sitting down and writing my VoIP predictions. Well, with only 9 more days until New Years Eve and then 2005, I guess I can procrastinate no longer.

Here are my Top 10 VoIP predictions and ponderings for 2005.

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