China blocking Skype here we go again

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China blocking Skype here we go again

I just blogged this morning about how China was going to have 210.11 billion minutes with revenues of RMB 52.53 billion Yuan by 2007 but then commented, "So ummm China blocks Skype, one of the leading VoIP players and China is still going to reach an astounding 210.11 billion VoIP minutes?" I had no idea that today Verso announced some news regarding providing technology to China for blocking Skype. Well, not the whole country of China, but a Tier-One carrier based in China, so it's still huge news.

A fellow TMCnet journalist has the scoop on Verso providing technology to Tier-One carrier based in China to filter Skype traffic. :@

Update: Looks like Loose Wire had this story as well and he provides some insightful analysis on Skype blocking.

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