Intel dual-core + Skype = 10 person conference

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Intel dual-core + Skype = 10 person conference

Intel is working with Skype to add features to the Skype software with features exclusive to Intel's dual core processors. The collaboration has resulted in support for a 10-way conference calling optimized for the Intel dual core processors (Intel Centrino Duo or an Intel Pentium D processor). The conferencing feature takes advantage of the multi-tasking capabilities of Intel dual-core processors, Intel said at a Skype page within its website. Currently, 5-way conferencing is the max on non dual-core and AMD chips. Skype also plans to add video calling optimized for Intel processors. Skype also stated that soon a Mac OSX version of Skype 2.0 that takes advantage of the Intel Core Duo chip in the latest iMacs and MacBookPro laptops.

While it's great that Skype is optimizing their software to work with dual-core Intel processors, most PCs are non dual-core and it's not like Skype fans are going to run out and buy a new dual-core PC just to get 10-way conferencing and better video quality. So this isn't going to drive the purchase or adoption of more Intel dual-core chips. Skype is the big winner here and Intel is just along for the ride.

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