IPdrum launches

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IPdrum launches

IPdrum will hold its official product launch of IPdrum Mobile Skype Cable - a product that enables Skype enthusiasts to make and receive Skype calls over the GSM network. The IPdrum Mobile Skype Cable connects Skype to a mobile telephone via the mobile telephone network - allowing Skype users true mobility and free worldwide calling.

“This marriage of technology will change the mobile phone network as we know it today, forcing the mobile carriers to re-think their international calling price strategy,” says Jerry Pettersson, founder of IPdrum. “Just as Skype has changed the land line (PSTN) network landscape, the IPdrum Mobile Cable will further revolutionize the complete communication network.”

The IPdrum Mobile Skype Cable consists of a cable that connects between a mobilephone and a computer, and software. By leveraging the Skype program, the IPdrum enables a user to access the Skype service while using a mobile telephone.

The key to IPdrum is the connection between the mobile telephone and the computer. This "base station" mobile telephone will be the link between the Skype connection and the user's phone via a local call setup. Both incoming and outgoing calls can be handled by the system.

The main features of the IPdrum Mobile Skype Cable include:

  • Forwarding of incoming Skype calls to PSTN- or mobile phone
  • Outgoing calls to Skype subscribers
  • Outgoing calls to stationary and mobile telephones using the SkypeOut subscription service
  • Synchronizing of contacts from mobile
  • Synchronizing of contacts in Skype
  • Connecting/Synchronizing contacts with Skype users
IPdrum Mobile Skype Cable: USD $69.95 + shipping & local taxes, if applicable

IPdrum Mobile Skype Cable made international headlines when the prototype was introduced in June 2005 at the CommunicAsia 2005 exhibition in Singapore. Media are invited along with select Skype enthusiasts to participate in hands-on product demonstrations, (today Sept. the 20th) led by Kjetil Mathisen, CEO, IPdrum at Sanderson Hotel in London.

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