IPEVO S0-10W Skype Desktop Phone

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IPEVO S0-10W Skype Desktop Phone

ipevo-wifi-skype-desktop-phone.jpg IPEVO's S0-10W Skype Desktop Phone is a pretty neat Skype phone, that unlike most Skype phones, was designed for your desk, not to carry around. That includes the IPEVO Wi-Fi Skype phone, I recently reviewed. While the IPEVO Wi-Fi Skype phone was designed to be portable and carry around, Skype phones like these are small which means a very small speakerphone (or none at all), resulting in limited or no hands-free speakerphone capabilities. The IPEVO S0-10W Skype Desktop Phone solves that problem.

Rather than sporting an Ethernet connection, however, it uses a built-in Wi-Fi adapter, so you could carry this around the house / business if you wanted to (still needs power, so would have to plug it back in). The S0-10W offers the normal feel of a desktop phone in usability and appearance, but features a built-in CPU for computer-free Skype communication. The S0-10W features an adjustable 2.4-inch color LCD three user-defined speed dial keys, an LED light indicating incoming and missed calls, as well as new voicemails, and a hands-free speakerphone button with echo cancellation.

It's too bad this desktop phone doesn't have an embedded webcam so you could do some Skype videoconferencing. Now that would make this an even sweeter product! Add internet surfing to the mix and we're golden.

"IP calling no doubt offers a financial benefit to consumers, however as with any unfamiliar technology, some may be hesitant to try something new," said Royce Hong, CEO of IPEVO. "That's why we designed the S0-10W Desktop Phone. By offering consumers a similar interface to the landline desktop phone most people currently use, we feel confident that families and businesses alike will have the confidence to make the switch for their everyday communications needs."

The IPEVO S0-10W Skype Desktop Phone is now available at the MSRP of $169.99, but Amazon has it listed for less than $136

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