Karaka Bridges XMPP and Skype

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Karaka Bridges XMPP and Skype

Vipadia announced the release under the GPLv2 of Karaka, the open-source XMPP-Skype Gateway which connects the XMPP and Skype networks.

Karaka is a scalable distributed XMPP transport that bridges instant messaging and presence between a user's XMPP and Skype accounts. This will for instance enable Skype-to-Google Talk instant messaging. In theory AOL's AIM should work, since I believe they also support XMPP. In addition to full presence and instant messaging exchange, it also supports multi-user chat ("conference rooms"). Karaka implements the XMPP standards XEP-0100 for gateway support, XEP-0045 for multi-user chats and XEP-0144 for roster exchange.

According to Vipadia, "Existing Skype interconnect solutions focus on bridging voice even though the primary use of Skype is for instant messaging and associated presence data. Interconnecting with Skype messaging and presence has been a major stumbling block for many who wish to offer Skype interconnection to their network. Karaka bridges the XMPP and Skype clouds, removing this stumbling block by converting Skype messaging and presence to the popular XMPP protocol as used by, e.g., Google Talk."

Karaka is licensed under the GPLv2 and is hosted on Google Code at http://code.google.com/p/karaka/.

Check it out @ http://vipadia.com/products/karaka/.

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