Macs get first dibs on new Skype features

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Macs get first dibs on new Skype features

Skype today released Skype for Mac 2.6, which includes improved quality, stability and more features. But more interesting is that for the first time, Mac users will be able to enjoy a new Skype feature before it's available to Windows users. Pretty soon, us Windows users will be 2nd-class citizens.

Skype added a new call-transfer feature that is exclusive to the Mac platform. Users can now select More > Call Transfer to transfer an ongoing call to another Skype user on their contact list. As Skype stated in their news release, this will be a useful feature for businesses.

"Mac users have very high expectations," said Carter Adamson, Skype’s general manager of desktop products. "So we take the time to get things right. Whether it‘s quality, stability or choice of features, we try to deliver exactly what is important to them. With 2.6 we have launched a new feature on Mac first, demonstrating our commitment to this fast-growing segment of Skype users."

Other features in the latest release:
•    join public chats
•    chat typing indicator: see when others are writing a message
•    Skype Prime: call a premium-service provider and pay for their advice and knowledge with Skype credit
•    automatic updates: get new features and updates without having to go to Skype’s website
•    DTMF tones for automatic answering services available also during Skype-to-Skype calls

Other improvements include tweaks in the way Skype handles birthday reminders and other notifications.

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