Saturday Update on Skype Outage

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Saturday Update on Skype Outage

Just received this email from Skype PR representative. Thought I'd share an excerpt of it. The gist is that Skype is now back to normal and on Monday they will finally provide a more detailed explanation. I'm kind of rooting for the tin hats'  theory about the CIA and FBI bringing down the Skype network.

Anyway, here's the Skype PR email:

Good Morning,

I'm pleased to share the most recent information on the Skype outage with you:

"Take a deep breath. Skype is back to normal."

"On Monday, we’ll provide a more detailed explanation of what happened. Until then, we’d like to apologize and thank you. Precisely in that order."

"We know how difficult and frustrating the past two days have been. And still, your good wishes kept flowing in. Thank you for the amazing patience, trust and support!"

Skype released that statement a little after 11 AM GMT this morning (8/18/07). Please expect information to arrive on Monday that more clearly answers the questions you have on this matter.

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