Skylook 1.5 Skype software released

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Skylook 1.5 Skype software released

Skylook has a new version of their popular add-on for Skype that adds Outlook integration. I've been meaning to try it out myself for quite some time. One of the nicest things about Skylook is it will auto-answer your missed calls, record the message, and store it in Outlook. No need to pay Skype a monthly fee for voicemail! Here are some screenshots...

Here are the highlights:

  • No need for a Skype Voice Mail subscription
  • Recordings saved as MP3 attachments
  • Playback button in the Outlook toolbar
  • Reply to messages with email, text or Skype call
  • Forward messages to other contacts
  • Manage your response just like you do with email - e.g. mark as unread, flag, copy to folder etc.
  • Archive messages just like you archive email
  • Answers Skype-to-Skype, SkypeIn and "add-to-conference" calls.
  • Does not alter your Windows sound settings or drivers in any way
  • Available in free trial, home and business versions only (not the academic or free versions)

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