Skype 3.8 for Windows

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Skype 3.8 for Windows

SkypeSkype 3.8 for Windows was just released with the main improvements in the audio engine. Skype claims the new version significantly reduced background noise, less delay, fewer call drops, and fewer cut-outs, especially when both sides are using Skype 3.8 for Windows. According to a Skype spokeperson, another improvement is if you change your headset, headphones or microphone, "there's no need to mess around with sound settings. Skype 3.8 for Windows takes care of it behind the scenes."

If you've been offended by the profile images that popup that are certainly NSFW (not safe for work), you'll be happy to know the new version no longer displays profile images by default. You can still see the hidden avatar if you click on it.

The release also includes a number of video-related bug fixes, Skype's own UPnP implementation and other tweaks.

Download Skype 3.8 for Windows at

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