Skype Beta 1 for Windows

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Skype Beta 1 for Windows

Skype just released a new beta of 4.0.called Skype Beta 1 for Windows. Just remember there are some caveats to using Skype 4.0 beta. Read here for more.

Here's what's new / fixes:

30.07.2008 Skype Beta 1 for Windows
  • change: Firefox Skype plugin updated to version
  • bugfix: Video mood and instant messages did not work when user had Flash Player 10 installed
  • Localizations updated
Also, here's what was fixed in the prior version of the Skype beta:

09.07.2008 Skype Beta for Windows

  • bugfix: Renaming a contact did not work correctly
  • bugfix: New audio device notification was sometimes wrongly presented for SoundMax devices

  • bugfix: Incoming chat notification was played when it should not have been
  • bugfix: Changing ringing device also changed speakers
  • bugfix: No sound was played when sending a chat message
  • bugfix: It was not possible to remove echo123 from the contact list
  • bugfix: Skype sometimes crashed when recording voicemail
  • bugfix: Getting Started Wizard sometimes misbehaved after making a test call
Go grab your new copy here.

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