Skype allows Paypal payments within client

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Skype allows Paypal payments within client

Skype will soon allow users to send money to other Skype users via PayPal, a popular online payments system -- all from within the Skype client. This was announced by Skype co-founder Niklas Zennstrom during a speech he gave. Both Skype and PayPal are owned by eBay, so the integration makes sense. “You can send money over Skype,” Mr Zennstrom said of the upcoming service plan. “This is basically connecting the Skype community over PayPal. All the user needs is a PayPal account.” This news follows the recent Skype Prime news that enabled Skype users to "charge" other Skype users for the right to speak to them, i.e. consulting, "VoIP phone sex", etc.

Zennstrom said the company is working with PayPal, but initially declined to say exactly when the service would be made available to Skype's users. However, it was later confirmed that an official launch of the service would come soon, perhaps within a month. Wonder how long before the first Skype-to-Paypal fraud occurs?

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