Skype breaks the language barrier

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Skype breaks the language barrier

Skype, Language Line Services, and Voxeo, announced today a joint solution that makes it easy for businesses and individuals to communicate cost-effectively from English into more than 150 languages ( It leverages Skype's VoIP for inexpensive calling, Language Line Services for personal interpreter/translation services, and Voxeo for the telephony piece. To interface to the Skype Network, Language Line Services has partnered with Voxeo Corporation using Voxeo's Prophecy voice platform to automate the process of transferring the call from Skype to Language Line Services. The service gives Skype users the ability to talk to anyone, anywhere in the world regardless of language. Of course if they had Star Trek's universal translator this Skype translation business wouldn't be necessary.

Skype subscribers can be on the phone in up to a five-way conversation with other Skype users and a live, professional Language Line Services interpreter. They operate 24x7, 365 days a year. Language Line Personal Interpreter uses a pay-as-you-go service model charging $2.99 USD per minute. Interpreter costs are automatically charged to the caller's SkypeOut balance. Forget Paypal, pretty soon, everything will be paid in SkypeOut credits. :)

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