Skype down?

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Skype down?

Is it just me, or is Skype's website down today?

I also had some difficulty initiating a Skype call initially. First major Skype outage perhaps?

UPDATE! 12:00pm - Someone posted to my Comments that the DNS entry for Skype was removed somehow.
Is there foul play involved here or a simple accident? With Skype's popularity, i'm sure it has its share of enemies. I'll investigate and post here.

UPDATE #2: It looks like Andy Abramson discovered the same thing. We had problems making Skype calls, so it's not just the Skype website.

Update: 8/16/2007
Now in additon to the part DNS issue, today Skype is experiencing a major outage due to software issues. Check it out: Skype Outage

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