Skype for iPhone 1.2 Crash Problem Fixed

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Skype for iPhone 1.2 Crash Problem Fixed

skype-iphone-2.jpg Many users have been complaining about Skype for iPhone 1.2 crashing or locking up their iPhones. The recent 1.2 version released just last Friday repeatedly crashes either after logging on or dialing a number and affects both jailbroken and non-jailbroken iPhones. A thread on the Skype forums revealed some very unhappy users.

Well, today Skype released 1.2.1, a hotfix, to solve this problem.

Raul on the Skype blog writes:

With this hotfix we have addressed three issues about what you have been telling to us lately.

We would suggest for everyone to upgrade in iTunes.

The update, to version 1.2.1 resolves following issues:
* Crashing in Dialing and History.
* Erroneous handling of international prefixes.
* Crashing due to special characters in contact names.

See also full release notes and known issues.

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I'm using skype 1.2.2 and it still crashes when logging in. My iPhone is not jailbroken and I installed it then it did crashed when logging in. What do I do I need skype urgently

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