Skype for Windows 8 Metro / Modern UI How-To Install

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Skype for Windows 8 Metro / Modern UI How-To Install

So you want to try out the new Skype Metro/Modern UI on Windows 8 do ya? Well so do I, so last week I found out how to download and install a leaked copy of Skype for Windows 8.

1. Download the file from here. (Ironic Microsoft wants to kill the name Metro yet their Skype team is still using it for their filenames! smiley-smile)
2. Extract the ZIP file
3. Right click on the Add-AppDevPackage.ps1 file and click Run with PowerShell. (Note: You may need Visual Studio installed to run as PowerShell. Or you could try these PowerShell execution tips)
4. Follow the steps and if you haven't obtained a Windows 8 Developer key, it will ask you to sign into Windows Live to acquire one. I actually had a problem with his step. I was getting the error "We couldn’t get your developer license for Windows 8":

Some websites indicated this problem could occur if you upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8 and keep your application settings. I did indeed do an upgrade, so it could have been that. However I had just installed Visual Studio Ultimate 2012 and hadn't rebooted. So just in case I rebooted and then the license acquisition worked fine. A Skype tile will now appear on your Start screen.

Ok, so now how does it look? Here's a Skype call within the Windows 8 Modern UI (full-screen). The screenshot is a 1920x1080px image scaled down (click for full-size) to 600x338px:
Note the 'Tom Keating' white text at the top left with a left arrow icon to navigate between the various Skype screens. The main Skype Modern UI screen is shown here:

They designed the emoticons to be super-sized tablet finger-friendly so you can easily pick the emoticons you want:
You can swipe left-to-right (or use mouse scroll-wheel) to view additional emoticons.

Here's what your contact/buddy list looks like. I blurred out my contacts for privacy:

In the top right corner you can see my "test" Tom Keating Skype user (black background) that I am currently in a video call with. I can click this to return back to the call or I can initiate a call to another Skype user. You can share screen from your PC-version of Skype but alas not within the Skype Modern UI app. So desktop sharing only works from PC-to-Skype Modern and not Skype Modern-to-PC. cry_smile

I do like how you can dock the Skype Modern app. Here's a screenshot of Skype docked to the right with the Bing weather app running on the left:

All-in-all the Microsoft / Skype team has done a pretty good job with this not even officially released Windows 8 Skype app. They do need to add desktop sharing since that's a huge feature missing. Still, I like it and can't wait to try this on a Windows 8 tablet!thumbs_up

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