Skype goes retail - sold at Radio Shack

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Skype goes retail - sold at Radio Shack

CNet is reporting that Skype will be sold at retail stores, starting with Radio Shack.

The Luxembourg-based Net telephony company, founded by the people behind the Kazaa peer-to-peer service, is expected to announce on Monday that it has struck a partnership with consumer electronics chain RadioShack.

I just met with Nero last week and I asked what exactly their model was when selling Nero SIPPS Connect, a SIP-based softphone client in retail stores. He had a decent answer, but I can't for the life of me remember it know. I actually have a copy and have been meaning to test it out and blog it. So I guess this makes this the 2nd VoIP softphone to be sold on retail shelves. Does this mean VoIP 2.0 has arrived?

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