Skype McDonald's-like VoIP Minutes Counter

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Skype McDonald's-like VoIP Minutes Counter

Remember before McDonald's changed to a static "Billions and Billions Served", McDonald's billboards would change every couple years and increase in number. "10 Billion Served", "20 Billion Served", "50 Billion Served", etc. etc.

Ahhh, those were the days, driving past a McDonald's and tracking the number of people served at McDonald's... I think I enjoyed watching the number grow more than most since I enjoy math. Must be the engineer in me.

Well, have you seen Skype's home page lately? They now have a VoIP minutes counter that draws parallels to McDonald's "number of people served" counter. McDonald's "number of people served" was a brilliant marketing ploy.

here's a shot of it:
skype voip minutes

I think Skype was very smart to employ the same idea. I guess I now have a new number to track. 1.5 Billion VoIP minutes and counting... Go SKYPE, GO!

Go check out their home page here and see the counter for youself:
Skype - Free Internet telephony that just works

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