Skype Nixes Skype Extras

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Skype Nixes Skype Extras

While everyone from Apple to Palm to Microsoft have built or are building an app store, it appears Skype is getting out of the app business. I read the news on Friday on CNet that Skype is pulling the plug on its Extras program, which enables third-party developers to create add-ons for Skype. According to CNET, "not enough people were installing Skype Extras, Skype said in both an e-mail and in a blog post to developers."

Skype is allowing for some transition time, but it won't certify any new applications and any existing Extras will eventually have their digitally signed certificate expire. So your favorite third-party Skype Extra will eventually die.

Ok, so maybe Skype Extras wasn't that popular with Skype users, but I think Skype is to blame, not the developers. Had Skype actively promoted some of the cooler add-ons within the Skype client, perhaps some of the apps would have performed better. With nearly 1/2 billion Skype users, surely there is a market for these add-ons which include hosted backup services, call recording (though Skype should offer that for free), emoticons, hosted meetings, games, SMS, and more.

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